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Care & Maintenance: Umbrellas


The umbrellas JANUS et Cie offers come in several different materials. Each material has its strengths and specific look. Umbrellas are some of the more complex items we offer; they each have many components and moving parts which make maintaining them crucial.

For care and maintenance details, please refer to the corresponding section for the appropriate material.

We offer a wide range of replacement parts for our umbrellas. Some are quite easy to replace, while others can be more challenging. Please see your sales specialist for instructions on how to do these repairs.

With the JANUS Teak umbrellas, there is a small chance that the canopies could get some teak dust or oil on them during transit. We try to mitigate this by putting a sheet of plastic between the teak frame and canopy. This can be removed at the installation. If there are any stains, please see the care section for textiles (staining).


The bases for JANUS et Cie are heavy by design. This weight is necessary to help stabilize umbrellas for unexpected wind. Caution should be advised if planning to move a base as some bases are designed to be moved while others are not. The heavy bases, however, do not mean the umbrella can be left open or withstand all wind speeds.

  • Under windy conditions, your umbrella should be closed.
  • If the wind is stronger, even with the umbrella closed, there can be issues. We recommend, if leaving the umbrellas outside unattended, that you use a strap or a storage cover on the closed umbrellas.
  • When your local forecast calls for high wind speeds, the best thing to do is bring your umbrella inside for storage.