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Care & Maintenance for TAO


Our glides are constructed of high-quality materials including nylon, rubber, thermoplastic polyurethane, felt, or stainless steel. Glides can be fixed, adjustable or even self-leveling. Over time, the glides wear down and should be inspected frequently. If not, worn glides can damage the furniture and flooring. Wear rates vary on flooring type and texture. When possible, lift furniture (rather than dragging) to move it.


  • Inspect frequently
  • Replace worn glides as needed
  • Replacement glides are available through your sales specialist

Stone Matrix

Our stone matrix products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each piece is intended to look unique and be placed in a long-standing environment. As such, fissures, texture, and color variations will evolve. Part of the beauty of these pieces is that they will age and change over time. Hairline cracks and small chips add to the patina.


  • Remove dirt with a soft brush or rinse with water