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Care & Maintenance for DOLCE VITA


Our glides are constructed of high-quality materials including nylon, rubber, thermoplastic polyurethane, felt, or stainless steel. Glides can be fixed, adjustable or even self-leveling. Over time, the glides wear down and should be inspected frequently. If not, worn glides can damage the furniture and flooring. Wear rates vary on flooring type and texture. When possible, lift furniture (rather than dragging) to move it.


  • Inspect frequently
  • Replace worn glides as needed
  • Replacement glides are available through your sales specialist


More than 30 years ago, JANUS et Cie created synthetic JANUSwood, an original and visionary product that exists in harmony with consumer needs and environmental health. JANUSwood II & III are both modern polymer materials engineered from virgin polystyrene. They are made in facilities that are compliant with prevailing environmental regulations, along with an emphasis on reducing emissions and proper waste water treatment and its recycling. Scraps are collected and recycled in other industries. JANUSwood II & III are 100% recyclable and extremely durable and UV resistant. They deliver unparalleled performance to withstand years of constant use in indoor or outdoor residential, hospitality, contract and site applications. They replicate the natural beauty and variability of wood without requiring the same level of maintenance. They contain no wood, and therefore are not susceptible to insects, rotting, splitting, mildew, salt and other environmental conditions. Avoid heat, as this may damage the JANUSwood II & III; use pot holder trivets or coasters. Drinkware in direct sunlight may cause surface burns on JANUSwood II & III products.


  • To remove dirt, use a sponge or soft cloth to clean
  • Use mild, pH-neutral soap such as Dawn®
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Use a clean cloth to dry


  • For tough stains, scrub the JANUSwood II (only) with a scrubbing pad
  • Use Dawn or a pH-neutral soap
  • Always scrub in the direction of the slats and grain
  • Always start with the finest pad and work up to the coarsest as needed
  • After removing stains and impurities, work your way back to the finest pad
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • With a clean cloth, apply a thin layer of beeswax
  • Wait for 20 minutes and wipe off excess beeswax
  • Replacement slats available. Please see your sales specialist for details.

Mechanical Joints & Moving Parts

JANUS et Cie uses only the finest materials for its moving parts, hinges, hydraulic components, joints, folding mechanisms, poles, and drawer glides. Aluminum, marine brass, steel and stainless steel are wrought, cast, or extruded to create the ideal hardware components utilized on our furniture. Over time, these may loosen and require regular inspection and maintenance.


  • Use a sponge or soft bristle brush to brush away soil.
  • Wash with mild, pH-neutral soap such as Dawn® and clean water using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat dry with a non-abrasive cotton or microfiber cloth.
  • After cleaning, inspect moving parts that may require lubrication.


  • Inspect moving parts and apply high-quality machine oil if needed.
  • Inspect hardware and mechanical joints; tighten parts when necessary.

Powder Coated Metals

JANUScoat™ is JANUS et Cie’s proprietary powder coat finish. In this process, we apply a primer powder coating on the metal and follow it with a top coat of powder that contains our custom JANUS colors.

Powder coated finishes can be applied to a variety of metals in a process that creates a durable, protective finish without using harmful solvents. Polymer granules, which may contain polyester, polyester-epoxy, or fusion-bonded epoxy and acrylics, are electrostatically applied and baked to form a hard, protective coating creating a continuous, seamless finish.

Like any fine-painted surface, such as an automobile, routine washing and rinsing will help keep your painted furniture looking new. We recommend you provide extra protection with a regular application of a reputable automobile wax, which will actively repel the accumulation of moisture and water spots and minimize possible staining. Water spotting on the finish is usually a result of mineral and salt deposits in the water or can also be a result of pollutants in rainwater. Wax will promote “beading” of the water (i.e. run off the surface) without allowing surface dirt to dry on the finish. An added benefit of waxing your furniture is it is easier to clean when it becomes dirty. Water spotting may be more pronounced on darker frame colors, and in particular, coastal areas.

JANUScoat and powder coated finishes, while incredibly durable, may be chipped or damaged with improper handling. JANUS et Cie offers touch up paint which will blend with the original finish. For more information or to order touch up paint, please contact your sales specialist. Touch up paint may not perform with the same characteristics as the original powder finish. If not touched up, the effect on the exposed unprotected surface will vary depending on the underlying metal. It is critical to touch up as soon as possible.


  • ALUMINUM: Exposed metal can oxidize over time.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Exposed stainless steel can start to accumulate fly rust.
  • CAST OR PLATE STEEL: Exposed steel will start to rust in most environments.


  • Rinse with a hose to remove salt and/or larger dirt and debris accumulation.
  • Wash with mild, pH-neutral soap such as Dawn® and clean water using a non-abrasive cloth or sponge.
  • We also recommend any premium automotive cleaning products, such as Meguiar’s® Gold Class™ Car Wash and Shampoo ( This premium car wash contains ingredients that will protect and enhance the finish.
  • Rinse and dry with a clean soft cloth to prevent water spots.


  • Apply an automotive wax to the finish per manufacturer’s instructions. This can vary in the number of times per year depending on the usage and environment of the location. Please see your sales specialist for details.
  • Do not use abrasive or aggressive solvent products on aluminum, such as acetone or scouring powder.