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Beyond Topiary

The Timeless Art of JANUS et Cie Handcrafted Woven Furniture


“The artist in me is a champion of handcrafts,” founder and CEO Janice Feldman has said of the incredible and intricate process of handweaving, a technique that has formed the foundation of some of our most iconic collections: Amari, Fibonacci, Wing, Katachi, Suki, and many more.

These collections are skillfully handwoven by artisans who possess the patience, dexterity and brilliance to follow the hundreds of strands and multiple patterns required to produce our stunning handwoven furnishings. As a result, each piece in a collection is a work of art, taking several days or even weeks to complete. The Wing collection, for example, is a Masterpiece representation of this centuries-old technique: the Wing Armchair takes 5 days for a master weaver to complete, while the 2 Seat and 3 Seat Sofas take respectively two weeks and four weeks.

Treasures of true craftsmanship, these meticulously woven collections are created using our innovative, proprietary JANUSfiber and are offered in an array of finishes. Many of these collections are also available in handwoven rattan, made from the finest natural palms available. These stunning designs add refinement to any setting and are crafted to last for generations.

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