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Beyond Topiary

High Contrast: Why Black and White Will Never Go Out of Style

The keys of a grand piano, a stately chess board, the time-honored photos of our ancestors—objects speak volumes in black and white, and the monochromatic duo holds a special place in design.

One could argue that while bright colors tend to steal the show, black and white pieces pull the focus onto the item itself, emphasizing each bend, contour, curve and angle. As physics would tell it, white being the sum of all possible colors and black being the absence of color, the fact that these two true opposites complement each other is something of a marvel. Yin and yang, chic and classic, black and white.

Pictured clockwise from top: Hide Zebra Rug in Zebra Black & White, Eve Small in Black, Kyoto Rattan Two-Seat Sofa in Ebony, Vino Lounge Chair, Vino Stool and Vino Cocktail Table in Lava, Wing Lounge Chairs and Wing Three-Seat Sofa in Nimbus, and Inlaid Side Table in Black and White.


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