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Beyond Topiary

Contemporary Shapes and an Ancient Art Form: The Handwoven Amari Collection


Arrestingly beautiful, the Amari collection is the unique result of skilled artisans, handweaving hundreds of strands across multiple patterns to yield exceptional, brilliant furnishings. Amari’s iconic, modern shape is juxtaposed by the ancient, traditional art used to finely weave its remarkable design to a poetic finish.

The collection is commanding in form with sweeping curves that are accentuated by its strong, poignant lines. With a comprehensive selection of both lounge and dining, Amari is a versatile ensemble, elevating any space from a busy hotel lobby to a quiet reading corner. Its signature back and base, constructed from an aluminum frame, is reminiscent of an hourglass—at once both adventurous and sculptural.

Each piece in the Amari collection is finely crafted from JANUSfiber, handwoven around a powder coated aluminum frame to produce a durable yet eminently comfortable surface.

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